Alumini Association

Our objective is to establish good interaction between current and ex-students. This will help them to exchange relevant information of mutual interest like projects, workshops, seminars, research, training, job opportunities, technical and personal interaction. One of our main purposes is to guide our students in their future endeavors and more importantly create a favorable atmosphere.


  1. Promote interaction among Alumni members and between alumni and college.
  2. To encourage, promote education, research and other activities in college.
  3. To take help of alumni in our profession.
  4. To take part in seminars, technical events etc and encourage and guide students.
  5. To create and be a part of strong network of Alumni.
  6. To participate in programs conducted in college and also organize programs.
  7. To publish newsletter and articles
  8. To establish, control and manage chapters of alumni in India and elsewhere.
  9. To access association’s database.
  10. To help students in placement.
  11. To provide financial assistance to students in form of scholarship.
  12. To help students to create live projects.
  13. Financially support alumni with contribution.
  14. To uplift the college.

Expectations from Members:

  1. Work with Alumni and provide executive oversight for all alumni programs.
  2. Identify and meets the need of Alumni.
  3. Meet with administration, faculty and student and informed them about general welfare issues & important issues of professional life.
  4. Monitor, encourage and support activities of Alumni.
  5. Financial support.

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