Community Development Scheme Through Polytechnic(Govt. of India Scheme)


The objectives of Skill Development Training Programmes are broadly as Follows:

Executive Committee

1 Principal/Director of the Project Implimenting Institution. Chairman
2 Two representatives of the Faculty. Member
3 Two representatives of the Village Panchayt/Panchayt Samiti/Zila Prishad for the Extention Center. Member
4 One representative og NGOs/Retired Professional. Member
5 One Principal/Director/Internal Coordinator from nearby Project implimenting institution. Member
6 Community Development Consultant. Member
7 Internal Coordinator of the project Implimenting Institution. Member Secretary


Sl No. Course Name No. Of Trainee Course Duration
1 Electrician 30 Six Months
2 Fabrication (Arc Welding) 30 Six Months
3 Carpentry & Furniture Making 30 Six Months
4 Jewelry Making 30 Six Months
5 Plumbing and Sanitary Work 30 Six Months
6 Computer Application & Programming 30 Six Months
7 Garment & Dress Making 30 Six Months
8 Fasion Design & Embroidery 30 Six Months
9 House Wiring 30 Six Months
10 Computer Data Entry 30 Six Months
11 Cutting & Tailoring 30 Six Months


Sl No. Name of Centre Whether at new place or at the same old place of the privious year Name of Trade/Training Course
1 Kalwari,Mirzapur New 1.Garment & Dress Making
2 Reksha Khurd,Patehara Kala, Mirzapur. New 2. House Wiring
3. Fasion Design & Embroidery
3 Kangal Padara, Mirzapur New 4.Cutting & Tailoring
4 Shuklaha, Mirzapur New 5.Garment & Dress Making
5 Khamariya, Mirzapur New 6. Data Entry Operator
6 Majhigawa, Mirzapur New 7. Carpet cum Kalin Waving
7 Mahuwariya, Mirzapur New 8.Fasion Design & Embroidery

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